Welcome to my web site. Here, you will find information about me (and believe me, I have lived a fabulous life). Also you will find minilexes for mathematics and physics (in Danish, sorry!), links to my music, nice pictures of people I know and places I have been (including my first cruise - a travel form that is highly recommended!), and other goodies. Also a little about some other Henrik Dahls.

If you have found anything useful or interesting here, please contact me. Always nice to have new pen pals!

Why this site? Because I have done a lot of things during my life, things that are connected with very good stories that I would like to share. How about the greatest stunt in the Danish finance profession? My trip to Kyrgyzstan? Being a communist as a student? Working in the World Bank and on Wall Street? Starting a hedge fund in London? Having a severe depression and getting over it? In these pages, I will tell you those stories and others. Also, I will give you some thoughts about society and things I really like and really dislike. There are also a bunch of secrets, things that I have not told anybody about. And a long story about what also went on during the eviction of the Copenhagen ungdomshuset (Jagtvej 69).

The stories in these pages are true. Not in the sense that they are undisputable facts- someone else may have experienced it differently. But they are true in the sense that this is what I experienced and saw (and remember). And how about some anecdotes?

So come on in and join my universe!

Last updated on May 16, 2011.

PS: To me, the most boring thing in life is... money. You may think that since I am a finance guy, I know exactly how my savings are doing, and that I actively manage my portfolio and continously find the very best investments. I don't. I have made only a single stock purchase in my life, and after a few years when I had forgotten all about it, I did what I rarely do. I opened the letter from the bank, and I realized that this stock had risen, so I sold it and got myself a nice meal.

I like finance because it is so full of mysteries despite so much data. I am simply attracted to the beauty of finding the hidden secret of the markets. It is an adventure, a bit like those stories about people who started digging in the sands of Egypt and suddenly found the grave of Tut Ank Amon. I would like to do the same, just for the pleasure of it. If I find the secret, I promise to publish it here immediately. I don't care about getting rich from it. You guys do, so it is of much more value to you than it is to me. Breaking the code will be a great pleasure.

Apart from that, if I have enough money to buy a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of red wine, I am more than happy. OK, I can even live without the red wine. To me it is an intellectual exercise to find the optimal portfolio composition. I know that this is important to others, perhaps you, so maybe the work is not in vain, although so many other things would make much more sense.

PPS: I DO like to provoke.